We May Be Talking About the Wrong Met...

We May Be Talking About the Wrong Met...

Multiple outlets reported yesterday that the Yankees were the middleman in a rumored three-team trade that would have seen Noah Syndergaard in pinstripes, while JT Realmuto would have landed in Queens. In order to facilitate a trade of that magnitude, a high-end young Yankee, most probably Miguel Andujar, would have been dealt. While a player like Miguel Andujar should be available if the right deal presents itself (if you haven’t read it yet, check out our own Matthew Cohen’s analysis of Andujar’s value), I think it’s fair to say that the threshold for trading Andujar should be very high. Reports today suggest that the aforementioned three-team deal is fizzling, but that does not mean that the Yankees should table discussions that involve the Mets.

I personally feel that a deal centered around Miguel Andujar is a a little rich for a pitcher as volatile from a health perspective as Noah Syndergaard. That said, the fact that these discussions have become so public indicates that Mets’ ownership may finally be willing to swing a deal with the Yankees. If that is the case, I think the Yankees should set their sights on a lower-cost alternative: Zack Wheeler.

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Yankees Tweet of the Day: 1937 World Series

Winter Meeting Musings

As Major League Baseball’s Winter Meetings in Las Vegas begin in earnest today, I think it is important to take stock of where an incomplete 2019 Yankee roster stands. The Yankees have not yet found additional infield help to fill-in while Didi recovers from Tommy John surgery, brought in additional arms to fill or compete for the 5th rotation spot, or made final offers to generational talents, Bryce Harper or Manny Machado. In no particular order, here are my thoughts on some important Yankee topics:

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Jon Heyman Says, "Yankees Will Not Pay $300M For Machado"

Again, I’ll give the Yankees the benefit of the doubt because nothing has happened yet, but, it is (almost) universally believed that Manny Machado (and Bryce Harper) are going to command salaries in the range of $300 million. If the Yankees refuse to go to that number, they are eliminating their chances of getting either of these superstars.

And, again, this is my fear. I fear the Yankees will fail to acquire any of the big, generational talents available this winter - and not because they can’t get them, or because they can’t afford them, but because the Yankees don’t want to spend their money and invest in the franchise as they once did.

I don’t think the Yankees (baseball’s most valuable team, a team that built it’s success, reputation, and fan base on the idea that they are the best and are willing to spend in order to be the best) wish to spend big any longer. It seems that spending less is the new paradigm.

I discuss this at greater length here: They Didn’t Even Make Patrick Corbin An Offer?!

Again, I hope I am wrong. I hope this is just part of the negotiation process and that the Yankees spend what is necessary to bring Machado and/or Harper to the Bronx.

It just doesn’t seem likely.

I hope I am wrong.

Here is Jon Heyman’s Tweet: