Game # 65 -- NYY (38-26) vs Oakland (28-38)

I do believe that today's roster moves and line up are taken from Alice's (when she was just small) twitter feed.

Higy and Mason re-called. Gio returned to SWB. Warren to 10 day DL -- right shoulder inflammation. Hicks and Sanchez obviously can't play, but not put on DL.


Refsnyder, LF
Judge, RF
Holliday, DH
Castro, 2B
Carter, 1B
Headley, 3B
Romine, C
Torreyes, SS
Williams, CF
Severino, P


Joyce, RF
Pinder. SS
Lowrie, 2B
K. Davis, LF
Alonzo, 1B
Healy, DH
Vogt, C
Chapman, 3B
Brugman, CF
Manaea, P

1997 -- Yanks host 1st ever inter-league series and lose 6-0 to the Mxxx.

Game on YES.