Game # 67 -- Yanks (38-28) vs A's (30-38)

uCan the Yanks win again before the month ends? Cessa gets the start, so that does not inspire confidence -- therefore expect him to pitch 7 innings of 2-runs or less. Chapman is supposed to come off DL -- I'd guess that German is sent back to minors.


No Yankee line up yet. That means either Girardi is waiting to the last minute to decide on Sanchez and Hicks. Or, the Yanks could be forfeiting the game and heading back to The Bronx early.

Now In:

Gardner, LF
Sanchez, C
Judge, RF
Holliday, DH
Castro, 2B
Gregorius, SS
Headley, 3B
Carter, 1B
Williams, CF
Cessa, P


Joyce, RF
Pinder, SS
Lowrie, 2B
K. Davis, LF
Healy, 1B
Vogt, DH
Chapman, 3B
Brugman, CF
Phegley, C
Cotton, P

Yanks have lost 5 straight, but only by a total of 8 runs.

Game on YES.